Grief: It’s Not Just Another Season

Grief is different from any other season, it lasts a lifetime

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The View from Grief

As a Bereavement Coordinator, it is always interesting to attend the services of remembrance for those who have passed away. As an observer, I have the opportunity to stand, or sit and watch. Watching folks grieve gives you a different perspective. I have been on the “other side of the camera”, so to speak, andContinue reading “The View from Grief”

Grief: The Beginnings

Grief: the inward journey after a loss. Some of us may be new to this word. Some of us may be old veterans. I would dare say that all of us have experienced some type of loss. A pet when we were younger. A relationship that fell apart as we got older. A job offerContinue reading “Grief: The Beginnings”

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